[case study] How a Regional Furniture Chain Leveraged Porch Group Media to Increase Their Sales by Over $12MM

home retail marketing

  • Heavy local competition
  • New eCommerce players stealing market share
  • Lagging store traffic and sales (online and in store)
  • Struggling to find new potential customers


  • Customer Data Platform
    Implemented Porch Group Media Velocity to integrate 1st and 3rd party data resources for a seamless customer view
  • Online Signals
    Implemented to identify in-market shoppers by their browsing behavior
  • Mobile Signals
    Linked to identify consumers that recently visited their locations or known competitors
  • Journey Management
    Simple customer journey creation and orchestration
  • Mover Programs
    Targeted prospective buyers with Porch Group Media’s new mover solution


  • Contributed to $28M in sales based on engagement with customer journeys
  • Drove $12M in incremental sales from new prospects identified by Porch Group Media
  • Managed 2.2M prospects and 6.7 million customers in 2019
  • Customer enrolled in journeys produced 5x the revenue for prospects
  • New-mover prospecting campaigns generated 26,311 new customers in 2019
  • 27% increase in purchase rate by nurturing first time customer journeys

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