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Porch Group Media Joins the Porch Group of Companies

The road ahead

We’d like to thank our clients, partners and employees in Porch Group Media’s journey so far. One of the things we have learned along the way is that evolution and change is a constant, and that we need to keep raising the bar to deliver the data driven insight, technology and support that our clients need to grow.

That’s why we are extremely pleased to announce that Porch Group Media has been acquired and is now part of the Porch Group of Companies

Who is Porch?

Founded in 2013 by technology entrepreneur Matt Ehrlichman, Porch is the “Vertical Software Company For The Home”, providing software and services to over 11,000+ home service companies such as moving companies, home inspectors, large utility companies and real estate professionals. These companies use Porch’s services to improve their operations, grow their business, and improve their customer experiences. In turn, Porch is introduced to their customers to provide an integrated suite of services to assist from initial move through the homeownership process. Today, approximately 50% of US homebuyers flow through the Porch platform.

Porch recently went public (NASDAQ: PRCH) and you can learn more about them in the video below:

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Why Porch and Porch Group Media?

Porch has unique, early access to movers and has identified the opportunity to revolutionize mover and homeowner marketing as part of its strategic plan, and we at Porch Group Media have long known that incredible amounts of economic activity are unleashed by the move across almost all industries, from retail to B2B to automotive and everything in between.

Porch Group Media will help bring the unique Porch data asset to life by linking Porch data to our suite of household, automotive, buying signal and mover data, and will help transform the combined data set into data products and programs that marketers can’t get anywhere else. Simply put, Porch Group Media’s data, technology platforms, and marketing programs are a perfect match to help Porch add new levels of value to home services providers, consumers and marketers.

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What does this mean for Porch Group Media’s clients?

Porch has acquired Porch Group Media so that we can continue on our mission and this is a growth acquisition—so Porch Group Media’s team led by Andy Frawley remains intact, and we will continue to deliver for you in “business as usual” mode. Longer term, Porch Group Media’s clients will have access to the new data assets and programs that we are building with Porch, and Porch will invest in Porch Group Media’s platforms, people and business in ways that only a public company primed for growth can do.

What does this mean for Porch Group Media suppliers?

Porch Group Media has been tasked by Porch to grow even faster so we will need our supplier partners more than ever.

Will Porch Group Media only focus on new mover marketing?

Porch Group Media will continue to serve and support our clients in all verticals with no change. In fact, Porch’s investment in Porch Group Media will allow us to accelerate our offerings across all that we do.

Will Porch Group Media’s products change?

We will certainly leverage the proprietary data coming to us from Porch and use it to create additional value for our clients and in our products, and Porch’s investment in Porch Group Media will mean that we will accelerate the pace of innovation.

What other companies are in the Porch Group portfolio?

  • Porch.com – Porch began as a home services marketplace for homeowners to find high quality professionals to help with home maintenance and improvement
  • HireAHelper – An online marketplace that lets users book vetted, professional movers to pack, load, and haul their goods to their new homes
  • Inspection Support Network – The industry’s most trusted software solution for inspectors to help them operate their business from scheduling appointments to billing
  • Kandela – Complimentary concierge service offers a convenient, simple way to connect all home services and change addresses saving customers time before, during, and after their moves
  • Elite Insurance Group – Customers can compare quotes from top insurance companies using smart technology so they can pick the right policy for their budget and needs

Along with the announcement of Porch Group Media, these companies are also now joining Porch:

  • Homeowners of America Insurance (or “HOA”) – offers insurance for homeowners
  • PalmTech – home inspection report software used by home inspectors and a natural addition to Inspection Support Network’s offering
  • iRoofing – All-in-one SaaS application for roofing contractors to do remote measurement and quoting, contract management, light CRM, and ordering of raw materials

What services does Porch provide to homeowners?

Porch delivers services to consumers across the lifetime of their homes.


Porch helps homebuyers book inspections, get repair estimates, and find the right insurance policy.

  • Book Inspections, Repair Estimates, Insurance


Porch fulfills requests with fixed pricing and quality professionals.

  • TV Mounting, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, HVAC, Handyman


Porch provides homebuyers with technology and a Home Assistant to simplify their move.

  • Movers, Security, TV/Internet, Utility Setup


Porch supports larger home improvement requests through their pro network.

  • Painting, Electricians, Plumbing, Remodeling, Roofing, Windows

Where is Porch Group located?

Porch is headquartered in Seattle, WA. Porch companies are all over the US.