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Targeted advertising solutions to reach 127MM movers and homeowners actively shopping for your goods and services.

Why Market to Movers and Homeowners?

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$11Kaverage spending within the first year of moving
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~90%try new brands and companies
$10Kspent per year on maintaining the home
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Precise Insightinto shopping and buying behavior

Target all US homeowners and households with property, shopping, and life trigger insights

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127MM Movers & Homeowners

Target 30+MM movers, 80MM owner-occupied US homes and 127MM consumers in the move and home ownership journey. Our audiences are enhanced with rich insights into consumer preferences, lifestyles, interests, property data and billions of purchase intent signals so you can target the right audiences for your brand when they’re in market for your products and services.

Advertising Options to Meet Your Goals

Choose from a mix of public and private advertising options across offline and online channels, including branded email and direct mail, co-op direct mail, and targeted social and display advertising. Only available from Porch.

Optimize Your Ad Spend

Our team works with you to optimize your spend and ensure the highest ROAS. Visualize the impact with our dashboard KPI reporting tools.

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