Email Excellence: 5 Insider Hacks for Maximum Impact with Jay Schwedelson, Founder of

October 2023  –  35 min, 58 sec

Episode Summary

Join Luci Rainey, host of Movers and Shakers, and her guest, Jay Schwedelson, Founder of and a top email marketing voice on LinkedIn, as they lay out the latest best practices for email marketing. 

Jay is also the brains behind the free Guru virtual conference, the world’s largest conference on email marketing, and the host of the “Do this, NOT That” podcast. Join this session for his best tips and tricks to leverage email marketing to end the year strong. 

Key Topics

* Best practices: The do’s and don’ts of email marketing
* Email copy and design trends for improved performance
* The importance of email segmentation and personalization
* Email metrics that matter
* And more!