Data Fitness: Keep Your Data In Shape & Your Insights Fresh

September 2023  –  26 min, 49 sec

Episode Summary

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, data has become the cornerstone of successful brands, providing the foundation for informed marketing decisions. Just like maintaining a healthy lifestyle enhances your physical well-being, ensuring your data is in optimal condition is essential for the vitality of your campaign efforts.

In this podcast, Kym Vance, Head of Business Development, and Larisa Bedgood, Head of Marketing, will explore strategies to whip your data into shape and unveil strategies to sustain its agility and relevance over time.

Key Topics:

  • The cost of out-of-shape data
  • Causes of poor data quality
  • Types of data hygiene to improve your data fitness
  • How to leverage data appending to provide a holistic customer view