email marketing best practices guide

Supercharge Your Email Marketing

Download our Email Marketing Best Practices Guide to learn techniques and tips to ensure your emails stand out in crowded inboxes and generate ROI.

Key Topics Include:

  • Setting Effective Campaign Goals
  • Enhancing Email Communication & Performance
  • Incorporating Design, Technical, & Mobile Guidelines
  • Crafting the Right Messaging for Landing Pages
  • And more!

Over 450 Million Email Addresses to Reach the Consumers Who Matter Most to Your Brand

Boost your cross-channel engagement with one of the industry’s largest repositories of email addresses. Our database is a high-quality, permission-based national file with over 450 million email addresses.

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See for yourself how our email marketing solutions can help you boost customer acquisition and curb attrition:

  • Branded email programs deployed through Porch Group Media’s marketing execution platform and private ESP
  • Create customer segments based on purchase behavior, email interaction, demographic and psychographic attributes
  • Match back to your customer transactional data for a clear understanding of your campaign’s performance
  • Enhance your first party CRM data with our email append services to correct and append missing emails as well as add hundreds of demographics and lifestyle enhancements