Porch Group Media Helping Hands Volunteer Initiative

A few years ago, Porch Group Media launched a volunteer initiative, Porch Group Media Lends Helping Hands. During our “Helping Hands” days, Porch Group Media teams all around the country volunteered to clean parks and beaches, pack boxes at food banks, assist at animal shelters, among other activities to put our company values into action to improve the communities in which we and our clients work and live.

“COVID-19 and social distancing posed new challenges –and opportunities– for us this year,” according to Anne Kurzenberger, Porch Group Media’s Chief People Officer and initiative leader. “More help is needed than ever before, and we’re so proud of the contributions our team members are making to fight the impact of the virus.” Anne is leading donation campaigns to replenish pop-up food banks and is matching vulnerable people to locals who can deliver food and household supplies to them.

Christina Grimm, Client Operations, is working with her Arbonne team to put together personal care kits for medical professionals who are all working so hard to take care of others. These care kits are being distributed at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Centra State Medical Center in New Jersey.

Anna Heun, Finance, and her mother are making much-needed masks every evening (and may have possibly bought all the available double cotton flannel in NJ to do so!).

Brent Cosgrove, Chief Financial Officer, prepared and delivered delicious, home-made seder dinners of chicken soup, matzoh, salad, and brisket for home-bound friends celebrating Passover.

Meenal Lakshmanan (left), Technology, shops and delivers groceries for elderly couples in her neighborhood.

Kym Vance, Sales, and her family have been busy! They donated a case of N95 masks to NICU nurses at Jersey Shore Medical Center, and Kym is working with parents in her town to coordinate a Parent’s Parade – a caravan of decorated cars bringing cheerful noise to boost the spirits of her town’s students, Board of Education members, first responders, and senior centers. Kym’s teen daughters have also coordinated virtual storybook readings and game playdates with preschool neighbors.

Jess Diaz, Sales, is working hard in Boston to provide masks, modeled below, to healthcare workers through the organization, https://maskson.org/. MasksOn is a nonprofit initiative with a goal to provide 1,000,000 protected clinician days during April 2020.

Porch Group Media thanks all our team members who are lending their “Helping Hands” with a special urgency this year, and we proudly salute all our first responders and health care workers who are on the front lines every day!

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