Mover Marketing Challenge #7: Integrating with Existing Programs

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Podcast Guest: Luci Rainey

Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at PODS and Comcast, joins us to offer her insights and real-world experience on how to overcome the challenges of mover marketing and leverage your program to its full potential.

*The following content has been adapted from Porch Group Media’s Movers and Shakers Podcast

Challenge #7: Integrating with Existing Programs

Luci: This is always a popular topic for marketing teams. Where does this fit? How do we get it in? What shouldn’t I work on? 

I would advise to just start with movers as a segment and fit it into your strategy that way. And again, test your segments, which ones perform the best, what should you focus on now. That will guide your way to how things should get integrated into existing programs. 

If you start small with the easier tactics and then grow it over time, it then becomes a specific strategy of your program and you’ll start to see the ways to integrate it overall.

Test, test, and test and don’t overcomplicate things.

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