How to Keep Up with Mail Privacy Policies

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We’ve seen things like increasing mail privacy policies and they can be difficult to keep up with. Do you have any advice or best practices for how to keep up with those mail privacy policies?


I think in reality, they’re not as complex as some people might think. Most of the increased privacy that you’re seeing now is more around the sale of data and sharing of data. In the email space, it’s more to continue to adhere to the CAN-SPAM compliance rules and best practices with opt-in.

Don’t be misleading, have the proper headers, the “from line” has to be who the advertiser is, and include an opt-out link, or in CRM, an unsubscribe link. Make it easy for them to do that. Really, just be above board with your practices.

Then it’s pretty simple from the email side and so the other data elements don’t impact it as much if you make sure you honor those opt-out and those unsubscribe requests. 

And in the case of the more complex CCPA, CCRA and the additional states that are coming to the table with their own rules, just follow and respect a consumer’s decision regarding how they want their information treated.

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