Health and Fitness Marketing Trends and Statistics

According to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), the $30 billion health and fitness industry in the U.S. has been growing by at least 3 – 4% annually for the last ten years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, currently about 20% of American adults have a fitness club membership and this number is only set to grow over the foreseeable future.

According to research by IHRSA 2019:

Fitness Statistics

Take a look at these additional statistics to understand the state of health and fitness today:

  • Fitness boutiques are on the rise. $2% of the US Health and Fitness facility members say they use a fitness boutique statistics
  • According to a study by My Protein which surveyed 1,350 US adults aged 18 to 65, the average American spends $155 per month on their health and fitness, that’s $112,000 in their entire lifetime, and $13,000 more than a public four year college education which averages about $98,440.
  • Included in that number, Americans on average spend $33 on gym memberships, $56 on health supplements, $35 on clothing and accessories for working out, $17 for healthy meal plans and $14 on trainers, My Protein reports.
  • The consumer demand for health and wellness products and services has reached a record high with the global wellness market estimated to be worth $3.4 trillion, making it three times larger than the $1 trillion worldwide pharmaceutical industry, according to the Global Wellness Institute.
  • There’s been an 108% increase in the healthy eating and nutrition market to $276.5 billion, and a 78% increase in personalized health to $243 billion, proof that Americans are willing to spend more when it comes to their health.
  • Who joins the gym… and who quits? (infographic by Noob Gains)
gym statistics infographic

Fitness Marketing on Social Media

Social media should be a part of every fitness club’s marketing strategy. This is also a highly effective way to reach millennials and Gen-Z.  According to IHRSA’s Global Report, gym memberships grew to 174 million members globally. What’s more is that over half of new gym members are under 30 and 80% of new gym members are Gen-Z or Millennials.

Gyms millennials

Instagram for example has over 400 million daily users and there are over 180 million uses of #fitness on Instagram.  Targeting new audiences on Instagram can be highly effective, especially considering that 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post.

Video should also be used extensively when advertising on social media. 80% of users prefer live video from a brand as compared to simple social posts.   On average, video posts on Facebook get at least 59 percent more engagement than other post types. The story features on Snapchat and Instagram offer similar experiences.  There are 150 million Instagram users who actively engage with Instagram Stories every day.

Target In-Market Health & Fitness Consumers

Porch Group Media’s Health & Fitness marketing solution targets in-market health and fitness consumers. Using hundreds of sources of offline and online data, best-in-class technology and analytics, and proprietary data methodology, we can connect you with consumers in the market for health and fitness products and services based on browsing behavior and store shopping data.

  • Reach consumers who are actively browsing online for products you sell. We provide massive visibility into behavioral data and searches occurring on over 90% of internet-connected devices every month.
  • Reach consumers who have recently visited your store, a competitor’s location or a fitness club. Each lead includes name and address and is often enhanced with additional demographic, lifestyle and contact data.
  • Market based on lifestyle changes and trigger data such as new movers, new children and economic changes.

Interested in learning more about our health & fitness industry solutions? Learn how Porch Group Media can help you get to know your customers better and reach them across channels to boost your marketing success. Contact us to get started!

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