TCPA & DNC Compliance in Direct Marketing

<p class="intro-copy">Make sure that your phone campaigns meet TCPA compliance (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) by processing your telemarketing lists against all current Do-Not-Call (DNC) files.</p>

<h3>Do-Not-Call and Suppression Service</strong></h3>

<p>We can flag or suppress phone numbers that match any of the following files:</p>

<ul class="features-list">
<li>National FTC Do-Not-Call File</li>
<li>State Do-Not-Call Files</li>
<li>Direct Marketing Association Preference Service File</li>
<li>Disconnect Telephone File</li>
<li>Wireless Blocked Numbers</li>

<p>Telemarketers need to stay compliant with all Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding telemarketing calls. In addition to DNC list scrubbing, for many marketers, it’s important to be able to identify and flag wireless telephone numbers. Porch Group Media's Wireless Identification Services include a three-step process to identify wireless telephone numbers so they may be flagged on customer data files:</p>

<li>The Telecom Routing Administration file identifies blocks of wireless assigned telephone numbers. Data provided includes the assigned service provider, the type of service that is provided (e.g. wireless), the associated Rate Center and State/Province/Country, and a Portability Indicator. The file comes with a disclaimer stating that 100% accuracy is not guaranteed as there are occasionally cell phones identified as landlines and vice versa.</li>
<li>A ported telephone number file is also used to identify phone numbers ported from landlines to cell, and cell to landlines. This data is received and updated weekly. Steps 1 and 2 are provided by many services providers. Porch Group Media's wireless identification service includes an additional step</li>
<li>Cell phones are identified by area code/exchange and block ID (7th digit of phone number). A match indicates the number has been assigned to a wireless carrier.</li>

<p>Companies using data for telemarketing should ensure that they process their data as described above immediately preceding any outbound auto dialing campaign to avoid FCC fines or other actions. Additionally, companies should consider including this process in their inbound customer service calls to identify wireless callers at the time of the call.</p>

<p>A valid SAN number is required for processing against the FTC Do Not Call File. For information on registering for a SAN number <a href="">click here</a>.</p>



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