Power Your Marketing with Real-Time Data Insights to Target Today’s On-the-Go Consumers

Successfully executing coordinated messaging across channels depends on having the most accurate data available at any given moment. Consumers are constantly interacting with your brand, which means that data is also constantly flowing in and out of channel systems. Marketers must be able to capture and respond to customer insights on the fly to ensure optimal cross-channel interactions.

Real-Time Customer Engagement

Porch Group Media provides enterprise-class real-time services to power offline and digital connections across the entire customer journey. We integrate with numerous client platforms and marketing automation providers, empowering you with the flexibility to engage consumers in real time with relevant and meaningful contextual offers.

Real-Time Business Process Optimization

Optimize and streamline your business processes with real-time access to our broad range of data solutions. Reduce costly drain on data processing resources, instantly access rich customer insights, and verify and correct data when seamless insights and accurate information are of the essence. Our services are designed to assist companies with Compliance, Customer Identification, Data Verification and Data Enhancement.



Flag inbound and outbound calls to know whether they are wireless numbers or on the DNC lists.

  • Comply with TCPA which prohibits using automated dialers to dial wireless numbers.
  • Avoid FCC fines by confirming before you dial. Our database is regularly updated with feeds of new wireless numbers issued and numbers ported from landline to wireless. Porch Group Media subscribes to all Federal, State and DMA DNC lists and updates our files regularly to assist you in complying with the FTC regulations.


Verify and correct information provided through your web forms, CRM or order entry systems. If you capture the wrong email address or phone when a lead is received you lose the ability to follow up with them and miss out on sales. Porch Group Media can:

  • Verify/correct phone numbers against the most comprehensive directory assistance / 411 database through our Telematch services.
  • Confirm the address entered is deliverable and conforms to USPS address standards including indicating whether a suite, unit or apartment number may be required.
  • Validate the email address as deliverable including auto correction of some common typos.


With only a phone number, email address or address we can identify your current or next customer and provide you with complete contact information in Real Time – great for call centers, website visitors, point of sale/order prospect, etc.

  • Shorten your web forms to only require a phone or email address and let us populate the rest (i.e. address, alternate phones, emails, etc.)
  • Remove wasted time, data entry errors and poor customer service required in asking the custom- er or prospect to provide a long list of information.
  • Provide the complete picture so that you can compare to your CRM system to see if they are a current customer, prospect or new lead.


Want to know more about your customers or prospects? We can append more than 500 different data elements like age, gender, ethnicity, occupation marital status, various vehicle and home information.

  • Accessing this enhanced information increases the value and the conversion rates of your leads
  • Eliminates the need to request this information from your customers and prospects which otherwise would cause many opportunities to leak from your sales funnel
  • Allows better call handling, lead routing, customer service, etc. (e.g. route Spanish speaking callers to a Spanish speaking rep or to a Spanish language landing page)