Contextual Advertising Strategies to Pump up the 2nd Half of the Year

April 2023  –  40 min, 40 sec

Episode Summary

Say you are looking for a new car and are researching online on car sites.  Suddenly you see a new car insurance ad promising discounts and low prices.  It seems odd, however, as you requested “no cookies” when you went to the auto websites. Instead, you may be a participant in contextual advertising. 

With cookie restrictions and privacy guardrails growing, contextual advertising is making a fast and furious return.  It can be an effective way to target media for your potential customers who are opting out of cookies and protecting their privacy. 

Through contextual advertising planning, marketers rely less on a customer’s data or personal information and instead leverage themes of content to deliver appropriate ads for the consumer. It is believed that a customer who searches and investigates a particular piece of content would also be in the market for relevant products associated with that content.

In this podcast, Luci Rainey and guest Ben Gaddis, former CEO of T-3 Advertising and Partner at Superstep Capital, discuss winning strategies to leverage contextual advertising to drive new customers or increase brand consideration. As a long-time CEO in the advertising agency space, Ben knows firsthand how to leverage creative strategies for clients to drive business growth and guided clients such as All-State, UPS, 7-Eleven, and Staples.  Ben is a frequent writer, speaker, and moderator and has been featured in Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Bloomberg TV, among others.