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MoverTech Data: Homeowners and New Homeowners

Proprietary Data & Comprehensive Insights Across The Entire Move Journey

New movers develop about 72 new business relationships within one year of moving, spending more in the first 3-6 months on their new home than they will in the next 3 years. These new homeowners are a target for businesses to establish new customer relationships and maintain existing ones. 

MoverTech Data can help build and nourish these relationships by offering insights into 80% of U.S. home purchases annually. This will give you insights into the $170 billion mover market.


Porch provides software and services to home services companies who work closely with movers across the move journey such as, home inspectors, moving companies, real estate agencies, utility companies, and warranty companies. 

As a member of the Porch family, Porch Group Media has access to pre-mover data unavailable anywhere else. We provide the largest database of potential, verified, and post movers across the entire move cycle to power your acquisition and retention strategies. 

MoverTech Data can help you build customer relationships by offering you the exact data you need to take the first step:

potential mover info

Begin the purchase and research process

premover info

83% of premovers use the first vendor that engages with them

postmover info

Postmovers spend $9K+ with over 72 brands

Our database is further enhanced with rich insights into consumer preferences, lifestyles, interests, property data and billions of purchase intent signals for unparalleled insights into what movers are looking for and how they will respond to your campaigns.

Household & Contact Data

The Biggest, Deepest, Most Flexible Consumer Dataset in the Industry, Powered by ConsumerPlus

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  • Deep assets with breadth & depth at 200+ attributes: Date of Birth, Home Ownership, Occupation, Gender, Donors, Estimated Income, Age, Telephone Number, and many more
  • Confidence scoring system for flexible marketing
  • High-quality data processing powered by DataFuse

Active Shopping Data

Billions of Shopping Signals, Powered by Porch Group Media Signals

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Understand what movers are shopping for with Porch Group Media’s Signals Technology. Porch Group Media has insights into billions of offline and online shopping signals to power your campaign performance.

  • Reach movers who have recently visited your store or a competitor’s location
  • Reach movers who are actively browsing online for products or services you sell

Consumer Segments

Target Movers Based On In-Market Behaviors with ConsumerPlus & Vistas

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Using sophisticated AI and machine-learning, Porch Group Media blends our Signals mobile location data with our ConsumerPlus attribute data to develop a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences, lifestyles and shopping intent. Target movers across any of these segments or with our special mover segments:

  • First Time Homebuyer
  • Moving Up
  • Active Adult

Property Data

Unique Property Intelligence to Discover New Prospects

We provide a broad catalog of rich property characteristics to help you identify unique opportunities and enhance your targeting, including:

  • Dwelling type
  • First mortgage amount
  • Sale amount
  • Square feet
  • Total rooms/bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Lot size
  • Garage

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