Fuel Your Marketing With Porch Group Media's Enterprise Data Processing Solutions

Today’s omnichannel consumers travel across multiple channels and devices. With data moving so quickly in and out of channel systems, marketers are more pressed than ever to integrate these data insights in order to provide seamless messaging and connected customer experiences.

Porch Group Media provides world-class solutions to help you transform, enhance and act on these insights to create meaningful consumer engagement when the moment is right. With Porch Group Media, you can experience the power of an enterprise data processing solution and the speed and flexibility of a secure cloud environment.
data hygiene

  • Data Hygiene: DataFuse, our Gartner-recognized data quality solution, captures, integrates and standardizes consumer data in real time before the opportunity is lost. As a cornerstone to Data-as-a-Service and Right Time Marketing, DataFuse provides highly structured and accurate data insights to boost customer acquisition and retention.
  • Data Enhancement: Enrich your data with Porch Group Media’s third party omnichannel data insights. Our data products deliver both depth and breadth covering consumer and business audiences. We house 200 million consumer contacts with full address, 180 million VINs, 208 million consumer emails, and 1,300 audience segments.
  • Real Time Services: Porch Group Media provides enterprise-class web services for real-time data appending. Accessible through an API, our service provides access to comprehensive databases to assist companies with Compliance, Customer Identification, Data Verification and Data Enhancement.
  • World-Class Cloud Platform: Seamlessly integrate your 1st party data with our 3rd party data in the Porch Group Media Cloud. Brands gain a 360° view of all customer interactions, as well as the data-driven insights necessary to hone the timing, relevance, and effectiveness of each and every communication.
  • Rich Heritage in 1st Party Data Management: Porch Group Media is an industry leader at the forefront of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Right Time Marketing. We blend our deep experience in 1st party data identification with our rich 3rd party data assets to power the right connections at the right time and through the right channels.