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The TV ad model is in the midst of a massive wave of disruption.  And with that disruption has come a massive amount of fragmentation in the CTV/OTT ad models and platforms.  This fragmentation means that marketers need to choose trusted partners that can provide them with the necessary reach and scale.

So which platforms are best suited to target the consumers needed to achieve scale?  Adding more to the confusion is the amount of players jumping into the space to take advantage of CTV’s popularity, affordability, and targeting capability. 

So – what is really important to know about CTV/OTT ad models?

In this Movers and Shakers webinar, host Luci Rainey will interview Peter Jones, Head of Local Sales/Strategic Partners at Premion, an industry-leading premium CTV/OTT advertising platform to discuss the latest trends in CTV/OTT.

This webinar will cover content including:

  • Which platform models are better for advertising needs:  SVOD or AVOD?
  • How do I measure the value of the CTV/OTT impressions?
  • How do I decide whom to target and when?
  • Can I use my own first-party data to target or do I need to rely on third-party data?
  • How do I assure brand safety and avoid ad fraud?
  • Can CTV/OTT provide attribution measurement or show sales attribution like programmatic digital can?

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