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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] New Movers: The Untapped Opportunity to Transform Your Customer Acquisition


With over 30 million people in the U.S. moving each year (and likely even more due to the pandemic) and spending on average $9,000 per move, mover marketing is a significant revenue opportunity for brands to engage with this lucrative market.

Movers are the most economically valuable consumers across numerous categories, and brands are reaching them too late, and in the wrong channels. By leveraging technology-driven innovation, brands can now reach and monetize movers far more effectively than ever before.

Specific Topics Include:

  • A look at key stats on today’s modern mover including what they are buying and when they are purchasing
  • How to identify potential movers or consumers who are researching listings or have their homes listed but are not definitely moving
  • How brands can modernize how they engage movers throughout the move process
  • How to personalize engagement with movers by better understanding their preferences, household information, lifestyles, purchase intent, and other key insights
  • An introduction to MoverTech, a new generation of mover marketing fueled by technology
how technology is changing the home buying process

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