Furniture Retailers: 5 Strategies Your Competitor Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Did you know that 34% of new movers purchase furniture before move-in day? Moving is a major consumer life event, characterized by increased spending on home-related expenses, particularly new furniture. Do you have a strategy in place to reach this valuable audience segment before your competition?

Tune into this webinar with Michelle Taves, GM of Porch Marketing Group, and Larisa Bedgood, Head of Marketing, to learn about five strategies furniture retailers are using today to win new business.  In this 30-minute information-packed session, we will share tips that you can implement in 2024 to sell more furniture, faster.

Key Topics

  • Strategies to identify and target new movers
  • How to leverage pre-move indicators to reach moving homeowners first
  • How to reach moving consumers who are upsizing to a larger home, and most likely in need of new furniture
  • The value of marketing to millennials – the fastest growing segment of homebuyers
  • Offline and online tactics to convert in-market furniture shoppers into customers
  • Best channels to maximize your ad spend
  • And more!


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