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dealership marketing trends webinar

The auto industry is undergoing extensive change, especially in the wake of supply chain issues, changing consumer behaviors, and the acceleration of digital channels to complete more of the car buying process.

So what does 2023 look like for the automotive industry and car dealerships? What trends do you need to be aware of in order to tailor your marketing strategies?

In this discussion, hosted by Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at Comcast and PODS, we will hear from Amy Klenke, VP of Product and Delivery at Porch Group Media, about the changing automotive landscape and how dealerships can reach the empowered car shopper.


  • A look at how offline and online experiences and decision-making processes are converging, and what this means for marketers.
  • An overview of the types of cars consumers are seeking, including new, used, and electric vehicles, and how you can message and market accordingly.
  • How to use a variety of channels most effectively, including direct mail, email, digital, social and CTV to drive engagement.
  • An overview of Porch Group Media’s automotive-specific solutions, including case studies that show how audiences and marketing channels can successfully come together to drive results.

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