AI, Marketing, & the Future of Automotive: How Your Marketing Should Evolve to Drive More Sales

Thursday, June 27 | 1:00 PM EST | 30 Min

The rise of AI is promising an exciting future for the automotive industry.

Need to alert your customers when it’s time to service their vehicles? AI is powering predictive maintenance. Want to put your customers in the driver’s seat of their online experience? Virtual assistants, showrooms, and chatbots are simplifying the car-buying journey.

In this webinar, Robert Skinner, Managing Director at Future Now Services, joins us to explore how AI can evolve your automotive marketing so you can better engage with today’s car shoppers and build lasting customer relationships.

Key Topics:

  • How AI uses predictive analytics to capitalize on customer intent and drive sales
  • How AI enhances personalized marketing to cater to car shoppers’ interests and preferences
  • AI-driven customer segmentation strategies to refine your targeting
  • Improving your online CX with AI 

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