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5 Ways to Maximize a Shrinking Media Budget

With Q4 approaching and media budgets getting trimmed, join us on Movers and Shakers for this engaging discussion on 5 ways to maximize a shrinking media budget.

Luci Rainey, former marketing executive at Comcast and PODS, will share her tested methods for making the most of your media budget to finish the year strong. She will also advise on the pros and cons of each of these budget-saving methods.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  1. Focusing on the right audiences that drive the lower funnel
  2. Leveraging “free” tactics including email, social media, and content marketing
  3. Driving repeat purchases or leveraging past purchasers for referrals
  4. Reducing costs with co-marketing opportunities
  5. Surgically maximizing your lead funnel

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