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Watch our webinar, 5 Ways to Create Targeted Marketing Audiences to Drive Results. 

A precise target audience is at the foundation of every successful marketing campaign. But, in an age of data privacy, data loss, and data overload, what best practices should you be following to ensure you’re reaching the right people with your message?

In this discussion, hosted by Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at Comcast and PODS, we hear from Amy Klenke, Porch Group Media’s VP of Product and Delivery about today’s trends, regulations, and unique audience segments. Amy also shares how to blend 1st and third-party data into highly customized audiences unique to your business’s needs.


  • An overview of the privacy landscape that is causing the loss of audience insights and how this may impact your audience curation (and what you can do instead).
  • Learn about the different types of audiences you should be targeting and how messaging differs between audience segments. From your current customer base, acquisition segments, loyalty audiences, and more, we’ll share the top audiences you should include in every successful marketing program.
  • An overview of different consumer segments including movers, homeowners, in-market shoppers, property insights, and more that you may not be targeting today.
  • A quick peak at case studies results featuring Porch Group Media unique audience segments.

Tune into this discussion to learn how to build highly targeted audiences to drive better results.


Watch the Webinar!