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4 advantages and methods of focusing on customer retention

On-Demand Webinar: 4 Advantages & Methods of Focusing on Customer Retention

As marketers and brands, we often hyper-focus on customer acquisition so much that we lose sight of the importance of customer retention. Retaining current customers is less expensive, requires less time and investment, and creates higher margins and profitability.

Understanding the data, life event changes, signals, and insights that highlight retention opportunities is key to swinging the pendulum toward retention improvement. Studies show that even as little as a 1-5% improvement in retention can boost bottom-line margins significantly.

Our guest speaker, Rick Lang, former Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Comcast and current Head of Global Cable Sales at Afiniti, an AI company, focuses retention on “the little hinges that swing a big door.”  In this webinar, Rick will share his lessons learned on the 4 advantages and methods of focusing on customer retention – and it all begins with analytics, data, and insights.



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