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The move is a time when consumers buy new products and services, as well as re-evaluate their current relationships with brands. They spend $11,000 on average during the move, and continue to spend well after the move.  New movers are a lucrative audience for brands across industries, for both customer acquisition and retention opportunities.

Porch Group Media recently conducted new research with the The Harris Poll in the 2022 New Mover Trends Report,  which explores the state of today’s new movers and uncovers opportunities to reach this valuable audience of in-market shoppers.

In this discussion, hosted by Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at Comcast and PODS, we hear from David Krane, Senior Consultant at The Harris Poll, as he digs into the report and shares key findings to inform your marketing strategies.


  • Did you know that 64% of new movers have experienced a recent life event? We will explore the profile of the 2022 new mover, with insights on demographics, homeownership status, recent life events, and more.

  • 72% of new movers buy new items and services prior to moving. Learn about key insights on new movers’ shopping behaviors, including purchase timing, enticements to try new brands, social media purchasing power, and more.
  • 7 in 10 new movers are pursuing home improvement projects. Learn what home projects are top of mind, as well as what methods they prefer using to complete them.

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