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We know with any direct marketing campaign, having the right target is the number one rule of direct marketing best practices. This is something Porch Group Media, specializes in, specialized audience creation with your unique proprietary data. Can you tell me what best practices you drive for your clients in audience creation? And you have different pillars listed here. Can you walk us through these four pillars?


Historically, you use past behaviors to try and predict future behavior. Whether they look like your client, or your customers, or do they make up your ideal demographics to determine whether or not they might qualify for what you’re offering.

The nice thing about the current environment is you can actually look at present behavior to drive potential strong targeting. 

Anonymous visitor identification is huge. So someone’s come to your website, but they didn’t give you their information and they didn’t make a purchase. Clearly, something attracted them to come look at you, so how do you engage with them?

So that’s one area where you can look for a solution to target audiences – these anonymous site visitors. There are ways to identify site visitors and align with privacy policies and be able to reach them with messaging and advertising.

Other online behaviors to consider targeting include people who are researching a topic or a product or a service. Are they ingesting content related to it on different sites?  I’ll use mortgages as an example. Are consumers researching rates? Are they looking at different banks, and are they learning about different types of mortgages they might be able to apply for?

Then there’s mobile behavior. Geofencing is one of the big buzzwords of the last couple of years. Each vendor is a little bit different. Some do drive by geofencing, some do a broader area. Some programs like ours are tightened down to more physical locations.

So you’re able to identify that someone’s been at a location for a certain period of time, and maybe if it’s a long cycle purchase opportunity, you have a chance to get them. If it’s a shorter cycle, maybe you’re targeting them for future behaviors.

Then one of my favorites, and there are so many things in your life that put you into a high propensity to make purchases, so we like to look at a lot of life events. Are you newly married? Is your family growing? Are you becoming an empty nester Or a big one is are you moving and where are you in that move cycle? Because people do purchase different things at those points.

There is a wealth of studies and strategies and statistics around what people buy after they move and at certain points so you can use those to your advantage to get in front of folks at the right time.

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