An OTT (Over-The-Top) strategy checklist can be a useful tool to ensure that your business is ready to launch or expand its OTT offerings. By following these guidelines and creating a comprehensive OTT strategy checklist, businesses can improve their chances of success in the highly competitive market. Peter Jones, Head of Local Sales at Premion, discusses this further in our podcast.

[Podcast] OTT Strategy Checklist


peter jones
Peter Jones
Head of Local Sales
Luci Rainey
Former Marketing Executive
Comcast & PODS

*The following transcription has been adapted from The Evolution of CTV in the New Media Landscape Podcast.


There are key components that are critical to every OTT strategy.

  • Content
  • Publisher and Provider Agnostic
  • Attribution and Measurement
  • Tag Certification to Ad Fraud and Brand Safety
  • Industry Expertise
  • Data

The first is the content. It’s important to driving engagement.

The second one is, are you publisher and provider agnostic? We want to look how many households can you hit because when you look at some of the subscription-based platforms, they’re limited. They don’t have a lot, so, you’re missing out on, you know, half the market, if not more. If you buy a subscription based platform, then, you want to look at what reporting is available.

This pain points is when I talk to an agency or brand, and they’re asking me about their previous campaigns and they don’t have any reporting. That should be at your fingertips.

Attribution measurement is another check. Are you able to measure success of the campaigns and have your KPIs that you know are going to drive the results that you want?

Next, tag certification gets another checkbox. You want the tag certification to ad fraud, as well as brand safety.

The next checkbox is what’s your expertise?  If you’re in home services, how many home services clients have they run? How many campaigns did you run? Whether it’s windows and doors, HVAC, pest control, etc. Maybe you have over a thousand service contractors you work with, so what is the expertise of the provider?

Those are all critical points to look at.

And lastly, data. How do you source the data, how do you reach my audience, and how do you reach in the household? Because that on its own is going to become more critical as we move further into this cookie-less world.


That is a great checklist, and so glad you shared that today with our audience.

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