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Tell us the best way to manage each audience because the audiences are different and how you approach them in email and the results you’re going to get are very different. Tell us about some of those things in your expertise.


So believe it or not, even having done this 20-plus years, it’s still sometimes a challenge to get people to think about the two audiences differently. 

I’m big on anecdotes so I like to describe it this way.

Imagine you’re walking down the street, and up ahead, you see a group of people. Some of them are your friends. They might be family members, or cousins, but there are a few people you don’t know. Well, those you do know, you walk up, you might hug them, pat them on the back, and say, “Great to see you, how are you doing?” 

The folks who you don’t know, you’re going to treat differently. You might introduce yourself, you might shake their hand. You have to read your audience a little bit and see how they react to your greeting. 

So you need to think about your CRM email and your prospecting email in the same way.

With CRM, they’ve either purchased from you, they’ve signed up, or they are aware of your brand. They’re going to interact based on familiarity, whereas a prospect may have heard of you, maybe not. So you need to be a little bit more sensitive in introducing yourself and think of it as a first impression.

So being that a prospect email is a first impression, the same messaging doesn’t always work. The same subject lines will not work the same. It’s something you really have to stop and think about. Again, I’m a big fan of  “you are your own best barometer”. If I didn’t know a brand, and I saw this subject line, would I open it? Would this be enough for me to say I’m willing to look at something I’m not familiar with?

So it really is thinking differently and using that analogy to say someone I know or someone I don’t and how would I talk to them?

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