Deirdre McGuiness
Data-Driven Automotive Marketing
Without a doubt, data has become the currency that fuels competitive advantage in today’s economy. The concept of data-driven marketing has become an integral strategy across a broad range of industries, and the automotive industry is certainly no exception. Consumers expect relevant messages delivered across the channels they prefer and at the timing they choose....
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1st party data hygiene best practices
Who knew? It turns out that Mom taught us everything we need to know about best practices for 1st party data hygiene! For Mother’s Day, let’s review Mom’s words of wisdom.  Sit back, read, and relax – but take your feet off the coffee table! Don’t Throw Your Money out of the Window! Did...
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reasons why customers aren't responding to emails
Have your email response and conversion rates lost their fizzle? Do you feel like your customers have lost that loving feeling? If so, you are not alone!B2C email marketing increased exponentially during Covid. In 2020, over 306 billion emails were sent and received globally. This trend is continuing and in 2023 it is projected...
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The rise of e-commerce and advancements in technology have led to significant changes in the automotive aftermarket industry, with online sales and digital platforms playing an increasingly important role. As a result, automotive aftermarket marketing strategies must be adaptable and data-driven to keep up with the evolving trends and changing customer behaviors in the...
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automotive marketing trends
The auto industry has undergone ongoing and dynamic transformation over recent years.  Connected technologies, changing trends in consumer shopping behavior, digital and mobile channels, longer vehicle lifespans, and consumer mobility behaviors are all impacting how the automotive industry must respond to the changing climate.
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